12 Epic Posts

Your road map to key, uniquely-you social media posts for your business

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Know that What the heck am I going to post today feeling?

Sometimes it seems like everyone else knows what to say on Insta with their picture perfect Parisian cappuccino scenes. Meanwhile you're tripping over your cat at the kitchen table and tearing your hair out.

You know you need to post on social media, but there has to be a simpler way, right? More human! More real! No secretly feeling like a loser if you're over 30 or don't spend your entire day sipping on a cocktail on a beach on Ibiza.

Let me tell you a secret Friend.


Yep, one that works for you (and other humans).

That's exactly why I developed 12 Epic Posts (that and I got fed up of tripping over the cat).

12 Epic Posts is your step-by-step guide to creating inspiring, uniquely-you posts for your business.

Take off is November 9th. Will you join us?

Lynn Coleman

12 Epic Posts is a journey to

the heart of your business

Ellen Kloosterman, The Netherlands

Here's how 12 Epic Posts works:


Create 12 Epic Posts for your ideal clients

Discover what makes your ideal clients tick and translate this into essential, heartwarming posts for your business.


Learn about fun tools and time-saving methods

Learn new tools and methods to save precious time, so social media becomes less of a chore and something you look forward to (really!)


Find your chill factor

Discover your posting super power and how to repurpose your 12 Epic Posts into countless opportunities to connect. Your 12 Epic Posts are just the beginning.

Never thought that writing social

media posts could be so much fun!

Martina Brueggemann, Germany

Learn and apply rightaway:

Week 1

Foundations and set up

Learn more about your ideal clients, set up essential tools and understand the basics of curiosity marketing. Meet your fellow Epic Posters in the Facebook community.

Week 2

Opening the box

Find out your Epic Poster type, make your first Epic Posts, get to work on CTAs (Calls to Action) and learn why opening the box is so important for you and your soul client.

Week 3

Getting visual

Continue your Epic Posts, learn how to schedule to reduce social media fatigue and discover how to improve your visuals with archetypes and simple, effective guidelines.

Week 4

Clickability and the Chill Factor

Complete your 12 Epic Posts and dig deeper into what makes people click. Reveal your chill factor, so posting becomes relaxing and quick.

Social media with heart

And the tools to free up my time

Marian Nielsen Joos, Switzerland


What will I gain from taking 12 Epic Posts?

If you're a coach, healer or trainer working online, 12 Epic Posts will help you set up posts you and your audience feel good about and will teach you ways to make posting easier and more fun.

Is there a payment plan?

There isn't currently a payment plan. If this amount is a problem for you, please get in touch and we'll sort something out.

Will I need to invest in expensive software?

No you won't, we stick to software with free versions wherever possible.

Can I join if I don't work in English?

Sure, you can still get feedback from the group by translating your posts into English. The group will be a mix of native speakers and non-native speakers. You don't need to be concerned about your English, our focus is on your talents!

How much time will it take?

To make sure you get everything you can out of the course, allow for 2-3 hours a week.

Can't I just hire someone to make posts for me?

Yes, you can, but you'll still need to be able to tell them what to make. Check out the bonus I've included to help you with this.

Ready to uncover your 12 Epic Posts?

Ready to look forward to posting?

We start on November 9th

12 Epic Posts bonuses

All these bonuses, with a total value of 1085 euros, are your gifts when you join 12 Epic Posts


Facebook challenge checklist

I've taken all my challenge experience and created a check list to save you time. Value 97 euros.


Plan your 2021 Adventure Event

You'll receive an invitation to this event in December 2020 to start planning 2021. Value 397 euros.


Mini-training: How to delegate posts

In this mini-training, you'll find out how to delegate your Epic Posts to a designer or VA. Value 197 euros.


Shine Online with English

Specially for the non-native speakers, learn how to write basic commercial texts in English like an About me page and an email sequence. Value 297 euros


Whitepaper: long or short posts

Read the results of my investigation into using long or short texts in your social media posts. You'll hear what readers really think. Value 97 euros.

Meet Lynn

Lynn Coleman is the Grow Global Expert for online trainers, coaches and healers. She believes that it's time we women stop hiding and start sharing our amazing gifts and warmth.

Lynn has worked in IT, Finance, Marketing, training, translating and copywriting. She has studied languages, business and psychology.

Currently writing a book for non-native speakers growing global, she lives in the Netherlands with 2 teenagers, 2 kittens and too little time.

So, that's 12 Epic Posts AND all the bonuses (with a 1085 euro value) for 197 euros

Are you in?

It's clear, concise & extremely

user friendly. You'll be posting

with confidence in no time!

Debra, United Kingdom