Life shrinks or expands in proportion to ones courage

- Anaïs Nin -

Shine Online with English is for you if:

you are a female entrepreneur on a mission (or becoming one)

you want more international impact 

you want to improve your online international presence

you want practical results

you want experienced support

you enjoy a playful, light approach 

you want to be in a supportive community


It something wants to be a story, it will be

- Scarlett Thomas -

Challenges are never simple 

This is me out on a ledge, last year in Italy on this mountain path. Without a doubt, this was one of the toughest things I have ever done. When I said yes, I had no real idea what I was letting myself in for - it just felt like a good idea at the time. 

Once I had taken the decision, I started to realise what I had signed up for. My house started to fill up with helmets and harnasses, there were practise runs, I was having to think about things I had never thought about before, 

And yes, there were still times, when I wondered if I shouldn't just call it all off. Pretend I'd never wanted to do this..

Thankfully I had experienced support keeping me on track.

So, there I was on July 26, out there on the ledge. Strangely unscared and loving the challenge.  

That's exactly what going international in your business can feel like. Sounds like a good idea at first and then, Aaaggghh! What have I let myself in for?? Why don't I go back to what I was doing before?

So many female entrepreneurs find it hard to be visible online. We can be so talented, warm and caring, but still shy away from the spotlight. Often we feel we need to be perfect first. We worry about technology or how we look or sound. Or if we have anything to say worth listening to.  

Please don't let this happen to you! Or your business! Or the people who need what you do.  

Our rapidly changing world needs you to share your gifts!

And I would love to cheer you on in your journey online.

What will Shine Online with English do for you?

Increase your visibility and confidence online, with practical steps for your business in a supportive international community. Safe, joyful and personal! 

Your unique online presence Discover what makes you unique online and how to leverage that for your business.

Valuable, personal feedback Get feedback on ready-to-use marketing tools for your business

Not just language Learn essential communiation skills in English, including how to use the tech. So, no-one gets left behind.

Your business's greatest asset (after you) Find out what this asset is and start developing this essential skill.

Streamlined teaching You learn only what you need to know to do what you need to do. Just enough teaching, means you keep motivated while the quality you produce is high 

Supportive international Community Learn with other female entrepreneurs from different countries. Use English in a natural way to communicate and support each other .

Choose your international spotlight


What you'll learn 

Combine language,communcation and technical skills in these 4 modules I've created specially for female entrepreneurs . 

Learn from an experienced business and communications guide. I'll share my thirty years of business experience, creating safe, playful environments. And I'll listen with my heart to what you need.

Introductory activities 

It's important that you feel safe and open right from the start, so we spend time getting to know each other first..

The result is that you will open and raring to go

Who are you?  

Module 1 focuses on who you are online and who you want to be. Learn language skills to express who you are in an inviting way.

The result is that you will feel more confident about expressing who you are in an online environment.

What can you tell me?  

Everyone has something unique to say. This will help others connect to you and make you memorable.. So, in Module 2, we're going treasure hunting!

The result is that you will have a way to connect to (potential) clients heart-to-heart.  

How can I be sure?

 People who don't know you, need to get to know you in a natural way. It's called the Know, Like, Trust process. Module 3 we'll explore how this works online and write a freebie for your business.

The result is you will have a freebie for your (potential) clients. 

Pleased to meet you  

In Module 4, we'll continue working on practical marketing products for your business. This time, it will be emails to support your freebie. So, you can put the results of this course to work for you straightaway..

The result is you will have an email sequence for your freebie. 

Valuable, heart-felt feedback

Throughout the course, you'll be supported by an exclusive international Facebook community and by Lynn. Get feedback and support each other in the community and during bi-weekly online Q&A sessions..

The result is better English communication, because you will feel happy getting feedback. 

The true story of each person is the journey of his or her heart

- John Eldridge Brent Curtis -

What does Shine Online with English include for €479 €379?

8-week online course, starting September 16th

4 tailored modules in Lynn's online learning environment  

Exclusive Facebook community

4 online Q&A sessions  

Feedback from Lynn during the Q&A sessions

BONUS 1: Live masterclass: Time management that works with Sigita Skudra. Learn how to plan your time so your time works for you. 

BONUS 2: Live masterclass: The Elemental Game with Mirjam van der Zee, The Moon Lady. Discover which element type you are and learn how to use Elemental Types to write perfect copy for different types of people.

BONUS 3: Watch any time masterclass: Susanna Reay from Business the Introvert Way. FInd out how to use colour for added online visibility.

BONUS 4: Get ready for spontaneous workshops! If I see you would benefit from a particular masterclass, I'll sweettalk someone amazing in my network to share their expertise with you.


What my clients say about me

“I found it a very instructive course and it was well set up. Lynn is very helpful and clear. She has a good sense of humour and that is working for me. I found the combintion of learning in the online environment with the live classes great. I know now more about grammar and I have more confidence to speak. "

- Sandra van der Hooft , The Netherlands

helps women feel more confident giving birth naturally

"Do this if you're ready to jump into a great fun&education combo. You will be in a safe environment, where no-one will be judging you; that's a great occasion to do sth for a very first time (for introverts also!). 

You will be guided by Lynn, who is English but not so English that you will be afraid of open your mouth. If you think of going international with your brand or just want to discover how to open yourself up to finally speak English with other people go for it! It's worth every penny." 

- Anastazja Cavara, Poland 

supports busy business owners in cooking nutritious, Italian meals in no time at all 

“Lynn is a true gift for an entrepreneur ready to take on the world. She is the expert you always have been looking for to serve you with feedback and she can truly tune into who you are and what your business is all about. She is a game changer for my business! 

You get an expert that is gifted with English for business and a strategist full of ideas, expert knowledge and kind hearted. She is highly recommended from my side and what a joy working with her on your business success!”

- Marian Nielsen Joos, Switzerland

The Business Shaman

My guarantee to you

Join in with the course for the first 14 days. 

If, after that time, you aren't satisfied for any reason, just let me know and I wil refund the rest of your fee.

Choose international impact

Frequently asked questions

Find out more about Shine Online in English here. 

Any other questions? Contact me on

Does online English training work? Yes, it does. In fact, it has a lot of advantages. You can watch sessions wherever you are (no travel!) and you van re-watch at any time. 

Will I get individual feedback? This programme doesn't include exclusive 1-on-1 time with Lynn. But feel free to ask for feedback in the community as well as in the Q&A sessions.  

How do the payments work? In the shop, choose the option which suits you best. 1, if you are in the EU/EEA choose Shine Online with English EU/EEA. For the Netherlands or other countries, choose Shine Online with English NL/non EU/EEA. 2. then decide if you want to make 1 payment (379) or pay in 2 instalments (219). 

What kind of experience do you have to teach this Lynn? I have worked as a consultant, manager, project manager, copywriter, translator, university and business teacher and computer programmer. And I've spent 10 years creating business and text ideas for my clients. 

I really want individual feedback or support Send me an email and we'll talk about how I can help you in a different program.

Can men join in? If you are happy joining in a larely female community and can adapt to this, you are very welcome to join. Let me know if you would like to discuss this. 

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